Gratitude, Joe Girard, Grateful, Hands in a Heart ShapeToday, like every day, take a few moments and celebrate the amazing things in your life.  I wrote a post the other day about journaling, and one topic you should write about each day are the things you are grateful for.  Let’s all take a moment and practice gratitude.  To make it easier for you, I put these top five things to be grateful for today:

1) Your Family

Hi Mom!  Take a moment to reflect on your family.  Your Mom, your Dad, sister, husband, wife, all of them.  Remember all the great things you have been through together.  The struggles you have faced.  And remember that they will always be your family no matter what.  Reach out to one of them today and just tell them you were thinking of them and see if you can share a laugh, a smile, or an idea.  And then go back to whatever you were doing with a deeper appreciation of those who you love.  PS, Happy Birthday Ursula!

2) Your Friends

Sometimes we forget to reach out to our friends to say “Thanks” or “You’re special” or “You’re awesome!”  Our good friends are always there for us, and we need to let them know we are thinking of them.  Surprise one of your friends today with a thoughtful gesture.  Maybe an article you found, a book you bought them, a well-thoughtout text message from the heart.  Or better yet a phone call to tell them they are great.  Just like your family, your friends have seen you through some times.  Celebrate that friendship today.

Gratitude, Family, Friends, Joe Girard, Grateful

3) Yourself

I know that sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.  I am hard on myself, doubt creeps in, or I feel like I am not doing my best.  Sound familiar?  Remember that who you are today is a result of the work you put forward in the past.  If you had moments in your past where you worked hard, then when you feel bad today, you are merely telling your past self the hard work wasn’t worth it.  You can change the future, but not the past.  Be thankful that you are exactly who you are today and stop being so damn hard on yourself!  Thank your past self for all the hard work.  Find a way to be truly grateful for YOU today, before you start thinking about tomorrow.  It will set you free.

4) Information and Technology

Want to know something?  GOOGLE it!  Sometimes we have to pause and realize that everything we ever want to know is at our fingertips.  You are reading this message because technology has made it so.  We may know each other, we may not, but nevertheless, you are able to connect with me.  Blows my mind sometimes.  But remember that in today’s hyper-connected world, we must not forget to build genuine relationships and connect with people.  It is great to have all of this information, but what will you do with it?  If you are not seizing the opportunity each and every day to be grateful and take advantage of the information available to you, you are doing yourself a massive disservice.  Make time each day to learn something new and connect with someone through technology.  I am especially excited to test out my latest purchase, Webinar Jam, which is a killer webinar platform that will allow me to expand my reach and connect with others.

5) The People you Will Meet

Be grateful for those you haven’t met…YET.  I was in the coffee shop the other day and paused to look around at all of the people I didn’t know.  What was happening in their lives?  Could there be a way to make a positive impact on them?  Could one of them change MY life in some way if I met them today?  All of these people come into your life each and every day, and you have opportunities to reach out and say hi, ask questions, engage with them.  Do you do it?  Maybe just a smile at that barrista, a heartfelt thank you to your customer, a enthusiastic and genuine handshake with your sales rep could absolutely make a difference in their day.  Be totally grateful that you can connect with strangers and actually do something about it today.

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I wanted to share that with you on this awesome Monday in the hopes that some genuine conversations take place and we feel even the slightest bit grateful.  I know I am grateful for the people in my life and also those that take the time to read my blog.  Thank you!

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