tony-robbins-success-quoteHaha, I have been sitting on this title for some time now and shot this video a while back!

I cringed at the thought of writing “personal development sucks.”

I cringed even more about saying that Tony Robbins is not a pimp. Because he is a huge guy! I was driving in my car and was a bit tired with personal development one day. I switched to 50 Cent and got into a different mindset.

Watch the video and hear the story.

Biggest take-away? Don’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff you HAVE to do every day. Don’t let personal development consume you and make you feel guilty. That has happened to me quite often, where it makes me feel like, “what’s the point?”

So relax, enjoy your life, have fun, and play more! And when you do personal development, have fun and GROW with it. We all need to get better in areas of our lives, but most importantly, we need to go a bit easier on ourselves and live a HAPPY life. We don’t need to change everything TODAY. Sometimes it is best to just slow down a bit to get re-energized.

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But, truth be told, Tony Robbins does make me feel like a rockstar! Listen to him and apply his lessons! He is a massively motivating and inspirational force in my life.

Hope this helps! Put your comments below and let me know what you think about this!

Joe Girard
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    7 replies to "Tony Robbins Aint no Pimp and Personal Development Sucks"

    • Olga

      Thank you for your post Joe. TR is a star and makes me feel like a star too. In deed sometimes its information overload.
      I had a similar thought as I was coaching one of my expats who was trying so hard to figure out how to communicate and build relationship while networking after I gave that person lots of tips. Then I said just go and experiment and use your curiousity as I am not there to do hand holding all the time. See how that goes? Joe what would be your suggestion to people to find their strength and not rely on self-development guides?

      • Joe Girard

        Thanks for the feedback, Olga! You are doing some awesome work with your clients – keep it up! Actually, the first self-help book I ever read was “Awaken the Giant Within” and I remember being a skeptic. I felt that reading self-help and following someone’s advice was a sort of weakness, but what I quickly discovered was I didn’t have to follow the stuff word for word and try and “be someone else.” I could read the info, and apply the pieces to my life I thought made sense. Bit by bit, over time. That was the secret. It is too easy to get overwhelmed with thinking about all the stuff we DON’T know, then throw up our hands in defeat.

        To answer your question, I think people SHOULD read self development books, but not because they feel they have to. To find their strength, they should be constantly work on developing themselves whether it is through books, mentors, or just testing their ideas out and engaging with people. Most people just kind of go out and wing it, hoping it works, and then end up being boring. People want to connect with people, plain and simple. And they want to have fun and meet interesting people. I think by reading and learning, we develop not only ourselves, but the ability to share that information with others as well. I spoke with a law student last night who was not totally into his courses, and told him to think not about how the course will help HIM, but to think how that material will impact someone he meets in the FUTURE. He shifted his mindset and is now excited to learn his law stuff, to help his future clients.

        I was working with a client the other day on networking skills, and I gave them a really simple process. 1) Go and talk to people. 2) Watch their reactions. 3) Find your BEST ways to get the most positive reactions by testing out different phrases and ways to speak. 4) keep refining your conversational skills so you are more interesting. Ditch the pitch…

        We get stuck saying the same stuff over and over again, sound dull, and then we’re shocked when people aren’t excited about what we say. I see it all the time. Tell your clients to find something to get genuinely excited about, share their values, and ask questions about other people. It’s all about building a community of people that are engaged with each other. Hope that helps!

    • David Walsh

      Hey Joe!

      Great post and I think Tony would agree with you. If you are going to do something jump full force.

      I also know that Tony, like you, understand that we have so much ability to control our minds and our emotional state of being. By putting on that music,although not my favorite choice (LOL) you demonstrated that you could change your state of mind and positively change your feelings almost instantly.

      You are helping us on the path to mastering self development when you help us consciously help us see we that can choose to and can change our state of mind at will without being a monk

      Joe you rock! Onward and upward!

      • Joe Girard

        Thanks David, but you’re not a 50 fan? You are right about the jumping in full force. It was one of those funny moments where I paused and just thought, “What do I REALLY feel like doing right now?” And then sang at the top of my lungs for about 30 minutes on the drive to my next meeting (which I rocked). It changed my mindset almost instantly. What I didn’t mention, was that I had actually been listening to Tony Robbins stuff for the entire week and was super jacked about the personal development stuff I was doing, so it wasn’t a rejection of it, more like a pause.

        I also found that by sharing that story with others, I give everyone else a “big out” so that they don’t have to feel guilty too. Nothing drives me more crazy than those over-zealous people cramming their habits and activities down people’s throats and making them feel bad. We naturally feel guilty without assistance, haha! People should be empowered to make CHOICES. We don’t have to go crazy obsessive with our diet, activity, personal development, or finances. But once you start consciously CHOOSING your habits, and not letting them control you, you WIN!

        That one moment of clarity actually freed me up mentally for about a week! Glad you think TR would back me on this one.

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