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What we will be covering:

The emails in this series are JAM-PACKED with the best knowledge we've been applying with our clients for many years. Stuff we've put to the test and are sharing with you. Of course this is to try and get you to buy more stuff from us, but these emails alone are worth their weight in gold. So dive in!

  • What the Sales Masters do Differently

    There is a massive difference between what the first place sales professionals do and those who come in second. From mindset, to skills, to behaviors, I will share with you the 10 characteristics of sales masters you can apply today. And the big tip…it doesn’t matter if you’re not extroverted.

  • Focus on Tested Activity and Systems, Rather than Results

    Sales is not some magical art form, but rather a series of intelligent activities that you work through day after day, focusing on incremental improvements. When you get away from judging performance and get to work on the things you can control, you will quickly see how to spend your days to achieve your goals. Now and long term.

  • Selling in Stages and the Great Value Exchange

    If you’ve ever had someone not take action on a step in your sales process (a meeting, a reply, a purchase), then you probably missed the value exchange. In this module we talk about how to get people to take action at the right time in an easier way.

  • How the Brain Buys and The Non-existence of Objections

    Now we get into my favorite – the geeky stuff! Sales is not a numbers game, it’s a people game. And in this part of the bootcamp, I will share with you some major keys to cutting through the noise and connecting with your customer based on neuroscience and psychology.

  • Story Telling and Gaining Agreement Before Price

    A big component of getting people to move forward or connect to a message is the way you tell the story. I will show you a simple framework for storytelling that will allow you to reframe the entire sales conversation, paraphrase easier, and help them see your message through your eyes.

  • Your Personal Brand, Trust, and Credibility

    People buy from people. To make your life easier, build a solid personal brand that shows your customers who you are and how you think. If you do this well, they will come to you asking for help BEFORE they even need you, rather than having you compete on price with everyone else.

  • Sales Flow is all About Preparation, Goals, and Feedback Loops

    Forget ABC. It’s ABL (Always be Learning). As you build out your sales process and conversations, learn how to observe, evaluate, and improve so you can get faster and more effective in all areas. Do the hard work to make it look easy. Even if you’ve done it 100 times, find way to keep testing.

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