Genuine relationships, Joe Girard, NetworkingExpanding your network doesn’t happen by chance.  We all need to focus on building genuine relationships to grow our communities. I see a lot of “professional networkers” out there who miss out on the wonderful opportunities they have to really connect with people.  It is that lack of authentic relationship building that gives networking a bad rap.  In today’s video, I share a few ways to build relationships and WHY it’s so important.

The video pretty much explains itself, but just make sure you actually follow the advice when you are networking.  Take people for coffee or lunch, get to know them, and connect them with others.  Find some people that intimidate you and get to know them over a coffee.  You will be amazed at how fast success starts to multiply!

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That’s it for today, but I will be posting some more tips on making the most of networking later on this week.  Stay tuned.

Oh and Shout out to Tom Dudley (aka Blues Buddha) who actually followed my advice on one of my recent posts and reached out to connect with me last week through Linked In and Twitter!  Yesterday we had a quick Skype chat to get to know each other and talk about like-minded stuff.  Very cool dude.  Tom is doing some very inspirational things, using his music as a way to help people break through limiting beliefs and barriers.  He actually is actually working with one of the prisons, helping inmates work through their challenges by counselling and using music and creativity as a tool.

Tom is on the other side of the continent in New York, so any New York people out there, look him up and go for coffee.  perhaps there are some cool workshop ideas that may come up?    Check out his music too!  Great job Tom on building genuine relationships.

How cool is that in today’s connected world that you can meet someone so far away through technology and share ideas?  Love it.

Joe Girard
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    8 replies to "Build Genuine Relationships to Grow Your Network"

    • Tom

      It was great talking to you and the conversation kicked off a bunch of new ideas. It is always great to talk to folks on the same wavelength. Look forward to talking again down the line. You have some great insights


      • Joe Girard

        Looking forward to seeing what you are cooking up! Keep me posted!

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