Awesome People ArrowAlright, so this year is now in full swing and people are runnin and gunnin with their businesses.  I made a commitment to myself to make this the year to REALLY connect with people who have superpowers.

And, oh man, I wish I knew the power of connections years ago!    

It’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds and just focus on the “stuff” we have to get done. But if you make one thing a part of your system, I would urge you to add WEEKLY CONNECTIONS.  You got it, schedule time each week to grow, deepen, and strengthen your network.  I am not talking about just collecting people like trading cards, kids.  I mean really create connections with people.  You have to be genuine.

This week alone, I have been blown away by the caliber of people I have connected with:

  • Just got off the phone with a super entrepreneur in Texas talking about business and relationships
  • Helped a new foundation that supports education for the homeless get started
  • Had coffee with an awesome woman who founded a very successful networking group for women
  • Had a Skype call with a friend in New York who is a top mindset and performance coach for professional athletes
  • Collaborated with one of the top Facebook marketers in North America
  • Had an awakening yoga session with a very inspirational friend who really helped ground some energy
  • Met with a super cool business owner/client ready to expand his business, build a value-based team, and he is so excited
  • Spent some time with my spiritual coach talking about vulnerability and values and then helped him grow his practice
  • Had a Skype call with a superstar leadership speaker and innovator out of Wisconsin
  • Spoke with a friend in the Philippines about some expansion ideas for their business
  • Strategized with a friend and mentor who is a scientist on how to add more personal value from data in sales
  • Coffeed with a pioneer in the men’s fashion industry
  • Spoke with a forward thinking friend in New York about launching a school for entrepreneurs online

Man, how cool is that?  The conversations I had this week got me so jacked up and there are so many cool people doing cool things!  Here on my little ol’ island in Victoria, BC I have connected with people all over the world on insanely neat ideas and had thought provoking dialogue.

Now all of these people are WAY more awesome than me, and I have learned a ton this week just from these connections.  I feel ultimately blessed to have these superhumans in my life.  Big thanks to you all!

So go find some people who maybe intimidate you or that you are WOWED by, and follow the steps below to create more connections that help you learn and GROW.

1) Schedule time to connect

The power of making connections and just reaching out to connect with people is something I can’t stress enough, not only for business success, but for your personal well-being.  We are meant to build bonds with people out there, but it takes someone to make the first step.  And it takes your active planning to make it happen.  It isn’t by chance.

So that is my challenge to you.  Go and connect.  You have people on your Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, in your phone, and so many other places.  Reach out to one person this week and engage them in a conversation.  Set up a Skype meeting, have coffee, go for lunch, have a phone call.  But make it REAL.

Find the people that you admire and respect, and just reach out.  Tell them you want to learn more about their business, life, and connect.

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2) Have a GIVER mentality

Make a point to LEARN from those in your network.  Don’t look for ways that you can get things from people.  Try and determine the VALUE that you can add to their lives.

Even if you think you don’t have something specific to add, find a way to have that mentality first.

Get into a giver mentality where you think about how you can provide someone else energy, rather than take it away from them.  If you are in sales or working with a customer, focus on what energy you GIVE them.  Think about it.  We are always trying to GET from people.  How can you give your undivided attention, eye contact, body posture, etc?

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3) Set your intentions to be completely PRESENT

Before you speak to anyone.

This is the step that is most often overlooked.  We are so freakin’ wrapped up in our lives and floating from one moment to the next, we forget about the person right in front of us.  We are thinking about the next meeting or the one before and we do that throughout the day, perpetually.

So before your next interaction, set your intention to shut off distractions, (your phone) and just seek to connect with that person – genuinely.  The intention will be far more powerful than the actions.  Set intentions to be present with EVERYONE this coming week, and tell me what happens.  You will see a MAGICAL change in the way your world works.  Guaranteed.   People will feel your presence and be responsive.

4) Stand for something and build a powerful personal brand

I am not talking about promoting yourself here.  Really think about what you believe in – your values, your goals, and your vision.  Talk in terms of those areas when speaking with people.   Connect with people on a deeper level by sharing stories around your beliefs.  Let people know what you are trying to accomplish on a larger scale.  By doing this, they will immediately get a better idea how they can help you and who they can connect you with.

You will also build deeper, faster connections with people through shared values

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5) Find a way to help

If you take the time to apply the above steps, you will know that it takes some work to actually reach out to connect, set your intentions, build your brand, and give value.  So why not accelerate that process for others?  Look for ways to understand THEIR brand, values, goals and ask them who you can best connect them with.

Just flat out ask them!  “If I was to connect you with someone, who would you be ideally looking for?”

Then make an intro!

6) Connect superstars with each other!  Watch the magic happen!

My best tip for connector success is to quickly expand your network by sharing.  Build really awesome connections with people one on one, understand their goals, and then connect them with like-minded people or opportunities.

At first, you may not know exactly who to connect them with, but if you build that habit into your connecting arsenal, trust me, wonderful things start to happen!

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So there you have it, go find some AWESOME people, reach out to them, and start a conversation.  Tell me about it in the comments below!   And if we haven’t connected yet, find me on Linked In:


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