motivated on monday, sad dog face, Joe Girard, Success TipsDemotivated, uninspired, stuck, whatever you want to call it – Mondays can be tough! But we also WANT to hit the ground running and get our week started with a bang.  That’s why it feels like quicksand on Monday and it’s so hard to get motivated.  Today’s tips are all about a few ways to get unstuck, get motivated, and slap this week in the face.  

Motivated Monday Tip #1 – Complete a few  things

Often Monday rolls in and we work hard all day trying to get work done.  But at the end of the day, we still feel unfulfilled because it looks like there’s even more work!  Try and close some loops on Monday, even if they’re small ones. All you need to do is bring a few small tasks to completion to get that awesome feeling of accomplishment. Even something as small as paying a bill online, finishing a document, or sending an email to kick start a project.  The goal is just completion of something.  Then celebrate that small victory before moving to the next project.

Motivated Monday Tip #2 – Make a list and prioritize

Remember what I said the other day, “If you don’t know what you are supposed to do each day, how do you know you did it?” Over your morning coffee, make a list of all the things you want to tackle on Monday or at least want to get some traction on for the week. Even better, have your list done the previous day. But spend a few minutes and make an achievable plan for the day and week that will get your mind on the tasks that need to be done.  Then prioritize them and  start knocking off that checklist. Set a few goals for the week and get them done by Friday.  That way, when Monday comes each week, you know you have the stones to get things done.

Motivated Monday Tip #3 – Take a break – but a refreshing one

If you are feeling overwhelmed, make sure you slow down a bit at some point in the day and get re-energized. But don’t just go get coffee like a drone and then get right back to work.  Make a specific point to take an intentional break for YOU.  Get outside if you can, look around, and appreciate the air, nature, the people, everything.  Take a deep breath and just try and find some ways to be grateful.  It may sound silly, but when you make a point to completely pause (especially when you are crazy busy), you will feel totally re-energized.

Motivated Monday Tip #4 – Connect with someone that excites you (Get energy)

If you are struggling with the personal motivation, reach out to someone who inspires you and have a conversation, go for coffee, or go for lunch (depending on your schedule).  Even a 5 minute phone call with someone who gives you energy, will get you thinking differently.  Ask them for a new idea, a recent story, or one tip they have to get through their Monday. Perhaps you could speak with one of your best customers and connect with them to see how they are doing?  Maybe find out why they like buying from you so much.  That will always motivate you to do more!

Motivated Monday Tip #5 – Do something that requires teamwork

I am a big fan of the power of human connections to propel motivation.  Teamwork is an excellent way to get you fired up.  With that list of projects we made above, are their some things you can work with others on?  Are there some really exciting new initiatives that a second or third person may be perfect for?  Can you set up a group of your peers to tackle a new idea?  Can you lead a team of employees?  What about community partners?  Could you approach someone in your community or network to come up with an innovative way to work together?

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Motivated Monday Tip #6 – Do something nice (Give energy)

Tip 4 is all about getting energy from someone, and this one is all about giving.  If we know that people need to be motivated on Monday, why not use this as an opportunity to spread the love, reach out, connect and help?  If you are going to go for coffee, take someone with you and buy them one.  If you see someone that looks a bit bored or dull, pay them a genuine compliment.  Make your Monday your opportunity to brighten other people’s days.  That will do more for your own motivation than anything else.  If you are leading a team, make a point on Mondays to praise someone publicly and celebrate those small victories together.

Motivated Monday Tip #7 – Make Monday YOUR day

Life is all about choice.  Being unmotivated on Monday is really your own personal choice.  There is something magical that happens when you take back control of your calendar. Don’t let Monday control you.  Go into your week with a sense of purpose.  All of the tips above are great to help you get unstuck, but this one is all about being proactive and not getting stuck in the first place.  If you know that a lot of people feel de-motivated on Monday, then it is your opportunity to be different and stand out from the crowd.  Be the one who approaches Mondays differently. Be the one who gets people inspired on Monday and set the tone for the week.

And if you haven’t see it yet, click through my slideshow of 10 Motivational Tips with pictures of dogs! If that doesn’t help you, I think maybe you should probably call it a day and go home.  

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