Leadership Lessons, John Maxwell, Joe Girard, 5 Levels of LeadershipAs I have mentioned before, one of my favorite books is The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell.  While I was reading it, I found some super leadership lessons that I just had to type out for myself, print, and put on my office wall in front of me.   These were always great reminders that in order to lead others, I had to first lead myself.

These served me well as I built and led teams.  Use them yourself as a reminder to empower, encourage, and develop those around you.

I have included them in this post for you to check out.  IF this is in your inbox, you need to enable the images to see them.  Pin them, share them, and use them.  Enjoy!

1)  Before You’re CANDID With Someone, Show Them You CARE.

It’s easy to want to jump in and tell someone they are wrong when challenges arise.  But a real leader takes the time to ask themself if there is anything they could have done differently to have prevented this situation.  Read my other post on how Leaders Deal With Challenges.  So read these 9 questions to ask yourself:

Before you are candid - Joe Girard

2) Get to Know Your Team Members Better

The four questions in the next image are awesome reminders to help you understand more deeply what is really going on with your team. Take an interest in more than just their performance. Find out about them as a person and learn how to motivate them on a more fundamental level.

Know Your Team - Joe Girard

3) Lead From the Front by Showing the Way

In the book, Maxwell discusses the various levels of leadership and in the next image, we focus on Level 3. Leaders must show that they have done it before and can do it again. Don’t ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. Real leaders pick up the phone, make things happen, and step in to work in the trenches with their team.  Think about these 9 self-check tips:

Level 3 Leaders Demonstrate - Joe Girard

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There you go! Get these in front of yourself and anyone to up their leadership game. Pass on these leadership lessons and share the love.  Remember to leave comments below and subscribe! Go out and LEAD!

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