Push through setbacks, Joe GirardHow many times do you let a string of bad events get you down? When it seems as though nothing is going right and you just want to quit, that is the exact time you need to find joy and keep pushing. Today I was playing golf and it started out BAD. I mean, really bad. I couldn’t make a shot to save my life. For about the first 7 holes, it felt as though I had never played golf in my life.

If you play golf, you know this feeling and it can get extremely frustrating. But today, especially because I have been doing so much journaling and self-reflection this year, I was able to just enjoy the activity, regardless of how I was playing.

I ended up getting it together in the back nine holes and actually shot better than I have in a long time. My overall score was actually pretty good in the end.

So I ask you, “Do you let the day control you, or do you control the day?”

This made me realize a few things that I can apply to other areas of my life on how you can push through setbacks:

1) Enjoy the moment, even if it is bad

As I said, regardless of how I was shooting, I was laughing and having fun. I shrugged off the crappy shots and joked around with my friend. It does me no good to allow myself to get negative.

How can you enjoy the moment, even it is bad in your everyday life? Think about it. Even it seems as though everything is going wrong, can you accept the challenges you face and be joyous in the now? Can you allow yourself to make mistakes and celebrate them so you can just be happy no matter what is going on around you?

2) Look at your overall score in life

One of the big takeaways today was that even though I played awful in the beginning, I was able to make up for it by maintaining a consistent attitude and push through the mistakes. By the end, I had a pretty decent score.

In your life, how will you apply that lesson? Now that I have had the game I had today, I can use that in the future as motivation to remind myself that if I keep pushing through, I can actually salvage the entire round.

When you are struggling, how can you take a step back and look at the entire big picture? Can you remind yourself that you have been successful after you have failed? Next time you have a setback, just acknowledge that it is part of life and your overall life score.

3) Take each thing a stroke at a time

No matter what happens on the golf course, each swing of the club is an opportunity to turn things around. When I let my mind start to turn to negative thoughts, it only causes more problems. Mindset is everything

In your life, each new step you take or new conversation you have, are opportunities to make a change and push through. Each new decision is yours to make. When you make the decision, will you have the best mindset, or will you allow your negative thoughts to cloud your judgement?

Your next actions are your CHOICE. It is up to you to make the most of it.

4) Forget the past

ONe of the toughest things to do when golfing is to forget a bad shot. You need to forget that shot as soon as it happens and rest yourself to tackle the next swing.

Same goes with life. Stuff happens. Can you shake it off and move on, or will you let the past control your now?

Quick post today, but I wanted to share with you some of these thoughts because building a solid mindset helps you in all areas of your life. Do you have any tips on how to push through setbacks? Leave your comments below.

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