Sales Training, Free, Webinars, Joe GirardTake a moment and reset your thinking about how you sell.

Watch this free training video for some techniques on sales process, psychology, and mindset.

My big focus this year is going to be giving you the best content I can, especially with videos and other cool tools, so here’s a start.

Remember that selling should actually be fun and simple.

Last week I did my first public webinar and it went awesome! I’m excited to do more of them over the coming months, so make sure you send me your ideas on content topics. I love sharing insights with you to help you where I can.

I finally used my WebinarJam account to do the webinar and it worked quite well. For doing these types of information sessions, I think it will be an awesome tool and you cant beat the $397 price. If you are thinking about doing them yourself, check the service out. PS that is my affiliate link, so I get paid a bit when you buy using it, so that’s cool and I appreciate it. I only promote products that are solid.

Anyways, I have received some awesome feedback and I wanted to make this available to you to watch.

Here’s the video:

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What’s in the training:

I went through a high level overview of selling today and some simple ways you can up your game.

  1. Where we usually go wrong when selling. Learn some simple ways you may be sabotaging your conversations.
  2. The predictable way people buy. Understanding human behavior affects decisions gives you a huge advantage.
  3. Sales history and neuroscience. Knowing how selling has evolved allows you to see where it’s going and how to seize the new landscape. Also, discover how the brain responds to sales messages.
  4. The power of storytelling. Humans connect through emotions. Tap into this and speak in a way that makes your buyer the hero and more likely to purchase. (plus avoid a common setback)
  5. Building insights. Conversation flow can have a dramatic impact to how people react to your message. Find out how you can use hypnotic language that moves them to YES.
  6. Creating repeatable, best practices. Long term, your success will only be dictated by how well your systems and processes are mapped.

When we first ran this, 97% of participants watched all the way to the end, and most of the feedback comments were about how many notes they took.

Leave your comments below and let me know if there are any topics you would like some deeper discussions on.

I will be doing more webinars each month and even am wrestling with a mini-tv show style idea. Tell me whatcha want!

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