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Do you want to know why people struggle in their business?  In their careers?  In life?

It’s simple. They settle for mediocrity.  But what about those of you who are serious and truly want to make an impact on the world?  Well it’s YOU who I am building the new site for.  I want to help people be as authentic and real in their businesses as they possibly can.  I am going to take all of the best training that we have built for large companies over the years and make it available to the small and medium businesses so they can change, grow, and achieve.  

Learn the top level sales, marketing, and business strategies that will skyrocket your revenue and help you sleep at night.

At, I am going to focus my training on areas where you can get immediate results:

  • Sales mastery – None of those pushy or fluffy sales techniques.  Learn my “No Excuse Sales” program that builds sales BEASTS.  This ain’t your Grandpa’s sales pitch – be prepared to work.  If you do the work and learn the system, you WILL increase sales.
  • Marketing and branding domination – Build a truly authentic brand, communicate your story, and develop loyal raving fans.  Learn how to communicate with today’s customer.  Segment your market the right way, get in their head, and craft offers they can’t say NO to.  Be the number one in your market and have them come to you.
  • Killer Business Strategy – I help companies double and triple their sales, but you need to embrace the complexity of your business and be prepared for the changes that revenue and growth create.  Get ready to let go of tasks, free up your time, and empower your teams.

Our first project will be a business accelerator where I am going train you exactly how to build your business and drive revenue TODAY.

So stay tuned…

Let me ask you – How many times have you wished for just a bit more?  Like, once the next THING happens, you will be happy?

  • “When I get that next sale, my business will be fine.”
  • “Maybe I will be happy when I get a few hundred more dollars per month.”
  • “THIS relationship is the one!
  • “If I can just land this job or promotion, my life will be so much better.”
  • “If I work out really hard the next 90 days, my life will change.”

And how many times has this approach left you pissed off that it just didn’t work out?  And you can’t quite figure out why?

This is something that has bothered me for some time now and I have finally decided to do something about it.  I have looked around at all of these awesome people I meet who tell me their passions for their business.  And I just wish I could help them get to the next level.  So, enough is enough –  I am building something cool.  And it’s almost ready.  This is not so much a marketing plug to buy anything, but a heads up to where the NEW content will be.  And I hope you come along on the journey with us!

I have watched MANY very awesome people struggle with their careers, lives, and their business when KNEW I could help them get to the next level, so I have created

The purpose is to help people understand the right decisions to make for change, the best habits to develop for growth, how to expand our REAL capacity, and to empower people to chase their goals.  The right way.  And it is going to be REAL.  I have been shooting A TON of video for the site and have had to throw out about 3/4 of it because it sounded too much like marketing hype CRAP. We are going to have some fun with this, so jump on board and let’s get to work!  I want to see people get REAL results, take the pressure off, and have some fun for once.

– Joe Girard

Change Grow Achieve

Helping People Get More Awesome.


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    6 replies to "Ready to Achieve? NEW SITE is Live!"

    • Pete

      this is awesome news Joe , you rock dude

      • Joe Girard

        Pete! Looking forward to connecting with you on this as well!

    • Marie Svensson

      Great idea Joe. I will pass this information around when you have things running.

      • Joe Girard

        Awesome, Marie! I will keep you in the loop. The initial launch stuff will be right up your alley too. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Susan Marcotte

      You are doing such a great job Joe… thank you so much for sharing it all with us. Wishing you ALL the best with your new site and everything else you do!!!

      • Joe Girard

        Thanks so much, Susan! I am really looking forward to getting this moving and helping others chase their goals!

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