trendRead this article that is bang on to what I have been talking about lately in regards to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Not only do companies need to realize the absolute importance of CRM to their business they need to understand METRICS.

It is one thing to have a series of metrics in your sales cycle, but it is another to fully understand the trigger events and hot buttons that cause these metrics and how to most proactively handle them.  If you use social media to drive marketing, do you really understand how to use it and more importantly what results you get from the usage?  Can you look into your contact’s information and know for sure if you are relevant and timely?  Do you really know how your marketing dollars are spent?

In the article, you will find:

  1. CRM will remain an IT spending priority
  2. Facebook will dominate social networking
  3. Marketing budgets will remain flat
  4. Marketing groups will demand better automation
  5. Social media will finally acquire a business case
  6. There will be bigger investments in online marketing
  7. Metrics will drive savings in marketing

If it doesn’t make sense, you are behind the times!  For more information on why should have a CRM, read my post on Why You Need a CRM Strategy

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