Support the Stream of Consciousness, Indiegogo, Joe GirardI am really excited to announce a new Indiegogo project a friend of mine is doing and want to reach out to get you to support it with me!  I am offering additional bonuses to this as well, so keep reading!

I don’t typically ask for anything from people who read my posts, but this is something that has me really excited and I hope to see all of you rally together with me! Share this post and the campaign as much as you can. 

BIG UPDATE: We put our money where our mouth is and donated $2500 to the campaign.  Have a look HERE. 

This year, Jason Guille had an idea to create a space for people to share ideas through high quality video streaming. Think of your own local version of TED Talks. He wanted to make it accessible to content producers and decided to create a space right in downtown Victoria where people could attend an event in person as well as be able to view it live online.

View the Indiegogo campaign – Stream of Consciousness

When he first told me the idea, I was super excited because I have plans this year of doing some live events as well as online.  This was perfect! He will be setting up a multi-camera stage, with video editors, switching, and really cool interactive tools all while recording live events, streaming them, and creating the archive files.

This will create a myriad of opportunities for content creators as we can focus on creating excellent content and having it professionally available to anyone!

The campaign just started, and his goal is to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to make it happen.  If he can get that quickly, he is even talking about building a mobile version that can be used at other live events. This will be amazing!

They already have some highly anticipated events scheduled in the next month:

These events have shown us that people are hungry to engage with great ideas and speakers. In order to take our project to the next level, we need your help.

Why should you support it?

Jason told me a story the other day of an awesome event he went to that someone tried to record. The recording wa s a fixed video camera and the audio was just from the camera itself, so you couldn’t hear anything. Only the people at the event were able to see this great social talk from an awesome speaker.

The goal is to make TED-like production capabilities more accessible to small business owners and content creators to enable them to spread their messages to their audience.

Even more powerful, Jason wants to use this platform to donate streaming time to worthwhile social and environmental causes that people are passionate about and need help spreading the message.

There are two reasons I am backing this:

  1. To help him build a powerful media tool for content creators to spread their messages more easily
  2. To enable real communication for worthwhile causes to a global audience.

Another main reason, is to have an attractive place and set of tools for higher-profile individuals to come and speak and share their messages.

Let’s work together to make it happen

I am committing to help fund this campaign and I am going to be doing a huge event in the fall with some really incredible speakers. We will be selling tickets online to the event and it will be awesome.

I told Jason that the readers of my blog are a very switched on group  who are passionate about mindset, motivation, and creating change in the world. And making things happen. I would love to see us all rally behind this cause together as a hub of people and make this thing happen.

Just have a look at the campaign page and find a way to contribute.

And join the discussion on the Facebook Page too

Here’s my offer:

Along with the perks on the campaign page, anyone that donates at least $50 to this campaign will get a free ticket to the event I organize in the fall. I will also publicly recognize anyone that does so. So not only will you see this project happen, you will participate in the event we create.

I really want to see if we can rally together and make this happen.  I am interested to see the impact you will all make as audiences of my blog.  Let’s do something cool together!

If, for some reason, you can’t afford to donate, please SHARE this and rally people to the cause. If you can show me that you did your part to make it happen, I will find a way to get you some bonuses as well. 

Once you have finished making your contribution on the campaign page, fill out this form below to let me know you did. Once this project is a go, Jason and I will take a look at the list and communicate with you personally. And when you are on this list, because you contributed, I will be periodically sending you offers and freebies that others won’t have access to. As a thank you for doing something good. I am excited to see what we can do as a tribe of like-minded people!

So go contribute and enter your info here below afterwards.

C’mon people, let’s do this! – Even just the $10 ones! Let’s work together!

What else should we do to make this happen?  What would you like to see? Leave your comments below and thanks in advance!

Joe Girard
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    3 replies to "Support a Cool Project: Help Fund “The Stream of Consciousness”"

    • Jason Guille

      Joe! Such a generous offer you’ve extended to your community – thanks so much for getting behind the Stream of Consciousness project – excited to see how you might use this platform in the future! Best wishes..

      • Joe Girard

        Glad we can help in any way! Let’s see if we can rally the troops and get behind this thing!

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