Set Intentions, NLP, Joe GirardDo you just go into meetings, conversations, or conflicts unprepared?  Why is it that some days seem so easy, and other so hard? Why do some sales seem fluid and some feel like you are being dragged by a donkey?  Would you like to have more of the days where you are in a state of flow?

The best piece of advice I will give you is to make sure you set intentions.  My friend Colin asked me last week what that actually looked like for my week ahead and I explained the way I do it.

Watch the video below first, then I will share with you a few things you can do so you can get into a ready state and ROCK your next meeting!

So how do you get into a ready state, a state of flow, and set intentions?

1) Understand your audience

Who will you be meeting with?  Is it your partner, your boss, an employee, or a potential client?  What is happening in their world right now?  What problems are they trying to solve?  What are the challenges they have in their life?  Really imagine that, empathize with them, and put yourself in their shoes.  When you start to see things from the eyes of your audience, you can get instant clarity on who YOU need to be.  Set intentions for how you want to make people feel and you will win every time.  Then when you go into the situation, project that energy for the other person.

2) Visualize the ideal situation before it happens

What would a successful outcome look like at the end of the experience?  Work that into your thoughts.  Set intentions for your behaviors based on outcomes and don’t get caught up in the little things as you go along.  Yesterday I talked about the power of journaling, which is a very helpful tool to visualize with.  Write down who you need to be, what the perfect outcome would look like, and how you would project the best energy. Olympic athletes do this all the time.  You can see them mentally and physically preparing before their events.  You can so the exact same thing!

3) Recall Previous Experiences

You have a buttload of life experience to draw from, so use it! Recall times when you were:

  • Most powerful.
  • Most confident
  • Most in love
  • Most happy
  • In a mental state where you couldn’t lose

Now use that imagery to really set intentions in your mind on how to replicate those feelings. I will go through this more in detail in another post, but you gotta FEEL it!

4) Get Psyched Up

Whatever the situation you are going into, get ready, set intentions, visualize success, and get ready to go make it awesome!  Everything is in your control.  Remember this:

You can’t control what other’s do, only how you respond, so mentally prepare yourself ahead of time and EXPECT the unexpected. When you are in that ready state, nothing can stop you!  Post your comments below on how this works for you, and make sure you subscribe to get additional content like this.

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