Once in a while we need a sharp reminder that we are human.  I got one last night and I think many others did too.  I attended an excellent networking event last night hosted by my good friend Philip Bisset-Coveneiro and his team at the Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES Group).  We always have a great time, meet talented people, and hear amazing speakers, but last night they brought in an inspiring speaker from Mercy Ships.  www.mercyships.ca  I had heard of Mercy Ships before, but this was amazing.

Have a look at this video to see what I am talking about:

I don’t think the video does the justice of our speaker last night.  Mercy Ships is staffed entirely with volunteers who PAY THEIR OWN WAY.  They travel all over the world, especially to Africa and provide medical care to those who could not normally receive it.  People with masive growths, deformities, and basic health problems that are easily treatable in a western society.  Afrcia is also a superstitious country where simple defects like cleft palette or cataracts are considered to make a person demonic.  This means that not only does this program assist with health problems, it gives their patients back their diginity and allows them to be welcome in their community.  Please take the time to check out Mercy Ships for yourself and see how you can help.

Last night was a reminder that netwroking is not just about building buiness connections, it is also about building HUMAN connections.  I had some new members of my team who have been very excited to get out and network and this was an eye-opener for them as well.   We are very busy launching our network marketing business http://joegirard.acnrep.com but we are going to make sure we do so with integrity and leadership.   As we build our business helping our customers, we will build our network, and our ability to give back.

Build genuine relationships with those around you and never forget that you have an obligation to your fellow man. 

And as an added bonus…one of my all-time favorite songs:

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    • Eyvette

      Excellent post!  I believe like you do the quality of our network determines the quality of our Net Worth.  I appreciate you information about the Mercy Ships, I am already spreading the word. 
      To your wealth!

      • Joe Girard

        Absolutely! I try and get together with new people every week for a coffee to see who is doing what! Glad you liked the post!

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