Mindset by Design, Andy Murphy, Joe GirardWowza, I am amazed sometimes at the caliber of people I get to meet with around the world. I was recently asked by my friend, Andy Murphy to be on his newest performance podcast, called “Mindset by Design.”  

We talked at length about sales, neuroscience, and personal mastery and we had a blast. You will definitely get some super-tidbits from the podcast.

I just returned home from traveling this past month and I think this is a great way to kick things back into gear.

To go straight to the podcast, click here and enjoy!

Andy Murphy Podcast

How many of us need more “stuff” to do?

Do you feel like you are always chasing that next big idea? Are your Facebook feeds inundated with ways to change your life? To fix it?  “Make money today” ideas? Let’s talk about how we can claim back our lives, get more done, and create more freedom. As I traveled and met with people all over North America, it seems most people feel this way – just BUSY. My mission is to help people get more done while still having fun. Who’s with me?

There is no quick fix to your problems and we must all be completely okay with our current reality. Good or bad.

Some of my big evolution concepts this past year have been working with my spiritual coach and addressing my issues with ego, vulnerability and personal joy each day. 

As much as I focus on strategy, sales, and processes for my clients, I completely believe that freedom and joy are the keys to life. That is why all of my training includes mindset and personal mastery. How can you make whatever you are doing each day more joyful and not worry about results? What about if you just surrounded yourself by people who believed what you believed? What if you could just say NO to business that didn’t resonate with you?

That is really the main point of the podcast with Andy. No matter how busy you get, find a way to create more freedom and joy and design your mindset.

Your life. Your choice.

We can sell more, create more, and make more money. All while getting better personally. Who’s up for the challenge?

Go listen to the podcast. 


The world is increasingly complex and we constantly try and solve complex problems with symptomatic solutions (quick fixes). And the more we do this, the more we add to our plates, and the more stress we create. let’s work towards creating more together.

If you don’t know Andy, you have to check him out and see how truly beautiful he is on his website here.

Have a look at all of his podcasts and see the absolutely unreal lineup of talent I was lucky enough to be mentioned beside. Enjoy!

Joe Girard
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