Freshbooks Review, Cloud Accounting, Small Business, Joe GirardLike many business owners, I hate all the paperwork and stuff I have to do to just keep organized and keep my business running.

Each year, I have used numerous spreadsheets, software, and other tools to try and let me do what I do best…be in front of people. Freshbooks cloud accounting has been a godsend!

But what ends up happening is we spent half our time doing activities that don’t actually generate revenue, or worse, we wait until the last minute to get them done, right? What is your time worth? 

I did not write this post as strictly promotional, but Freshbooks has really been great for not only keeping track of my accounting easily, it also has allowed me to convert new clients at a faster rate. I will explain below.

And to be up front, I am including affiliate links in this post, so if you are thinking about using Freshbooks, please use one of MY links, because I actually get a 25% referral fee. I signed up after being referred and was just speaking with my client and he gets $5 every month I pay and I think that kicks ass. So I would love it if you did the same.

I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t believe in.

Here is my Freshbooks Review

Freshbooks offers a 30 day trial, so get on board and check it out.

I was a bit skeptical about yet another program to use, but fell in love immediately.

  • It made keeping track of my expenses a breeze
  • It is hosted on the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. 
  • You customize the look and feel to match your brand (including the invoices)
  • It produced excellent reports I just gave to my accountant
  • It has mobile apps (Android and Apple) to enter info on the fly
  • It allows me to send invoices to clients immediately
  • It links to tons of payment gateways, like Paypal, Stripe,, etc
  • It tracks invoices
  • You can create payment terms
  • You can link to your bank accounts
  • You can do referrals like this  and get paid
  • You can do time tracking
  • You can create estimates
  • You can view accounts aging
  • You can set up reminders
  • Andddd…it integrates with a bunch of other add-ons to make it even more customizable
  • Their customer service rocks
  • You can also request feedback from your clients directly

Click below to get started. (but also keep reading)


Like I said, I did the free trial, and afterwards had no problem paying the $19 per month. It has saved me a ton of time. and I don’t have to sweat my spreadsheets anymore. PHEW!

Invoicing as part of your sales cycle

This was the big winner for me!

One of the steps in the sales cycle that people often forget is the part where they ask for and receive their money. Remember that people love to buy things. When we don’t invoice, or we give lenient terms, or we wait too long to collect, the excitement of the purchase has died down.

When you get someone to agree to buy from you, capture that excitement and invoice them immediately, especially BEFORE you do any work. The problem I used to have was that it was somewhat time consuming to create an invoice, send it to the client, figure out how they wanted to pay, then receive payment, track payment, make sure I didn’t miss payment, blah blah blah…

So that was a pain point for me, I was much more excited about getting to work and I HATED INVOICING.

Now, when someone says, “let’s get to work” I simply say, “Cool, I will send you an invoice and once you pay that we can set up our first meeting.”  And they get the email with the payment gateways right on it, and PAY me! Way more fun. Takes all of about five minutes.

Have a look at the time it took me the other day once the client said, “Let’s get to work.”

Freshbooks example, invoice, Joe Girard


As you can see, I created an invoice for a client for a small project, edited it a few times and sent it within 5 minutes. Then, you can SEE when they opened it. about 30 minutes later. And PAID in one minute. I received that money directly into paypal.  Very cool. Actually makes that part of the sale fun now.

I even put FUN terms and notes directly on the invoice. clients love that.

So anyways, it looks like I have said MY part. Make sure you at least take a trial of it and see how it works for you. I looked at other programs out there and this has been, by far, my favorite. Asking for money has never been so easy.

If you want to increase your selling time, improve productivity, and generate more cash flow, this is your jam. In the near future, I am going to do some training on all the ways to be more productive and spend more time making money, so stay tuned for that.

Click the banner below to get your trial of Freshbooks started.


Well, that was definitely a fun piece to write and hopefully helps you with your accounting and customer acquisition. Leave your comments below!

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    4 replies to "Freshbooks Review: Amazing Cloud Accounting for Small Business"

    • Jakob Petrussen

      Thank you very much, Joe! I am using Freshbooks for a number of years now and I am very happy about it. But I just came across this app called Nutcache that does exactly what I was using Freshbooks for, but for free. Please advise?


      • Joe Girard

        Hey Jakob, thanks for commenting! I just took a look at nutcache and it seems like it is actually pretty cool. Have you used it yet? The issue I see right now is that they currently don’t support either importing or exporting of data, so you would need to start from scratch (perfect for brand new businesses). But if you have any accounting or previous data, you really don’t have an option …yet. If I could transfer the Freshbooks stuff over, it may be pretty useful. I am going to keep following this. Thanks for the feedback!

        • Jakob Petrussen

          Thank you for your reply. Yes, I actually started using Nutcache last week after several weeks of testing and everything goes very smoothly so far. I had to re-enter all my contacts, as there is no import feature for now, but I thought it’s worth doing it as I’ll have a free service afterwards. And this free part was my issue. Is there a catch, as they promise to keep the app free forever. How’s that possible?

          • Joe Girard

            I have a client who has basic needs for accounting and invoicing. He has been just using excel for now, so Nutcache is a great fit so he can create something quickly and professionally. We will test it out too. We still think the name is kind of funny, though! Keep me posted on how you like it and if new features come available. I am still loving Freshbooks myself and we shall see how the rest of the year plays out too.

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