Business OfficeWhether you are just starting out or have an established business, at some point you will hit a roadblock and need to re-focus.  It might be that you have ran too hard too fast and are overwhelmed, or you might be finding your sales are stagnant.  If you go back to basics and ask yourself the following five questions, you should be able to craft a clear idea on how to get  back on track.  If not, it might be time to ask for help from someone outside your organization.

  1. Can you clearly explain what your business does? – What target market are you trying to attract?  How do they buy?  Why would they buy from you?
  2. Are you leveraging the strengths of all members of your team? – What are the unique skills and abililties of each member of your team?  Which ones are transferable?  Are you leveraging them to your best advantage?  Keep in mind that everyone wantsto feel that they are contributing.  Take the time to discover which tasks energize your team and which ones sap the energy.
  3. Do you have a sales and marketing strategy? – Have you identified the various channels of how your customers can find out about your product or service?  Who is responsible for driving revenue for your organization?
  4. Can you honestly articulate what your customers say about you? – Have you taken the time to get honest insight about how you are doing?  Do you have written testimonials?  Better yet, do you have VIDEO testimonials?  Do you have raving fans?
  5. Are you managaging your finances properly? – In any business, you must understand the fundmentals of cash flowing in and out.  If you constantly struggle with trying to keep accurate records or forecasting, you need help.  If your business is to grow, this problem will only amplify!

Most often, when I am consulting clients, I find there is a disconnect between their business model and their revenue model.  Once we dissect it thoroughly, we find many hidden opportunities to generate revenue the right way.

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