Buyer BehaviourA recent TED Talk got me thinking about how to differentiate your brand in this information age.  Especially now that consumer mindset has shifted so dramatically from mindless consumption to mindful consumption.  Celebrities have even changed their brands and egos are now something that is out of fashion!

In the 90’s, consumers were bombarded by savvy marketing ploys, but now have amazing research tools to help them make better decisions – especially social media.  Consumers are now restricting their demand and aligning their spending with their values.

It is COOL to save now and spending money frivolously, makes you look out of fashion!

There is an uptake in savings rates, spending has dropped, and more people are using debit rather than credit.  Have a look at the video below:

[ted id=661]

Character and professionalism are now in and your personal brand will be your most important asset.  Your brand is no longer what you tell others about it, it is what THEY say about it.

Are you creating an environment for your customers to talk about you?  

image by Dell’s Official Flickr Page

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    • market man

      boy am i glad i stumbled apon your site,,,great information and great site
      excellent work

      • Joe Girard

        Thanks! I will be writing alot more content in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions as well, so please keep in touch. How did you stumble upon the site, and what made it stick?

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