Best Career Websites, Joe Girard, Job Search, AdviceIn my ever-advancing quest to find killer resources, I have found a few sites that you should check out.  Whether you are actively looking for work right now, an employer looking for some excellent HR insights, or someone who gives advice on careers, these sites should definitely go on your list. Job search can be tough and there are ALOT of opinions out there, so don’t take the first advice you get at face value.  To be honest, every day, I hear some of the crappy advice people get by so-called resume experts and it makes me cringe.

The best tip I can give you as a job seeker is to make sure you have taken the time to understand the needs of your potential employer and determine if you are a good fit. Treat it like a sales process and you will see a dramatic difference.

  • What are they really looking for in a candidate?
  • How do you uniquely solve that for them?
  • Do you fit their initial checklist, or are you just putting everything on your resume hoping someone reads it?
  • What can you do to wow them?

As an employer, the best tip I can give you is to make your job postings unique to you.  Don’t just post a list of qualifications, but rather make it about who you are looking for.  Describe your company culture and challenge the applicant to do something creative that shows they can follow direction and fit your brand.  Otherwise, you end up screening a bunch of resumes in the hopes that (a) someone fits your criteria and (b) the short list actually fits your culture.  Go for a cultural fit first and attract the best candidates.

Here are the best career websites to check out:

1) Pure Jobs

I just stumbled on this site and they have some excellent advice for some specific segments such as nursing, sales, or even international.  They even have a post on job search when you have a criminal record.  There are links to resources, job postings, and exclusive content.  Definitely work a look.

2) Higher Bracket

This site is geared towards executive jobs and targets high performers.  I would suggest looking at this site even if you are just starting out, so you can start thinking now about how the major players think.  There are some great resume templates and posts that have a ton of value.

3) The Muse

The muse has a wonderful array of free posts, and courses that every job seeker should check out.  They even have Muse University for those who want to apply some specific skills.  A big part of The Muse is their message of finding a company culture that is a fit for you.  These guys will definitely get your mind in the right place so you can go after what you are looking for!

4) Novo Resume

Andrei, the co-founder reached out to me and I was happy to add these guys to the list! They’ve got lots of articles and resources all in one place. Definitely worth checking out.

5) Work Awesome

Similar to the Brazen Careerist, Work Awesome is a website all about taking control of your career and enjoying what you do.  Browse some of the insightful posts they make and see if you can get re-ignited!

6) Career Girl Network

Definitely check this career website out!  Geared more towards women, I love the way this site is laid out and the high level insights it provides.  And it is women helping women succeed.  Personal branding, mentoring, and networking for starters.  Very cool.  And hey guys, there is a ton of stuff for you to learn there to!

7) Career Bliss

A little more on the lighter side, Career Bliss is a great website to get you to take your career a little less seriously – all while providing some high level content. Resume tips, networking Linked In, and much more!  Go and have a look.

8) Blogging 4 Jobs

This is a great site full of super talented contributors.  HR professionals, marketing managers, and various VPs offer strategic advice on careers.  The content on this site is high level, so take the time top go through it.

9) Glass Door

If you want to explore companies, salaries, and opportunities, this site is for you.  Do your homework on what leaders are doing and learn from the insights on this site.

Well there you go, I hope this list of the best career websites helps you out.  Let me know if you have other sites YOU like in the comments below!

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