Andy Murphy Podcast, Joe Girard, NLP, Mindset, SalesA few months ago, I was asked to be on a podcast with superstar, Andy Murphy.  Click here to go to the podcast – you will see me there as episode 16.  We had a blast talking about life, business, goals, people, and overall awesomeness.  We also talked about struggles and insecurities and had a good time connecting.

Andy is an amazing guy and he was actually in Bali when we did the interview.  He is a master coach in NLP and works with some really high performing individuals.  Go check out his website here.  I was really lucky to get a chance to chat with him and share some ideas.  If you want to talk about mindset, THIS guy has it dialed in.

Have a listen to the entire podcast.

Some topics we covered:

  • Issues with self image
  • Vulnerability
  • Finding your true voice
  • Sales processes
  • Leadership
  • Building healthy habits
  • Paradigm shift of what really matters in business and life
  • Productivity
  • Sharing some personal stories
  • Just getting things done!

I put this quick video together to show you an example of some of the stuff we talked about, but definitely go check out the entire Andy Murphy podcast.  Click here to watch the video if you can’t see it below:

And if you are a fan of using Google hangouts, you should definitely check out a super powerful webinar platform if you are thinking of getting into the webinar game – Webinar Jam

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