Afraid your idea won't work, Joe GirardHave you been sitting on an idea for a while and just can’t get yourself to make it happen? Well what’s stopping you?

Are you afraid of what people will think? Are you afraid you will look silly because you failed? Do you think that you have no right doing it? Well, you are not alone.

People every day, have ideas they want to get off the ground. And I’m not just talking about HUGE ideas. I’m saying the small ones, like that Kindle book stuck up in your head, the website/blog you want to start, the youtube channel you have thought about. I know the feeling. I have a number of projects I am stuck on right now.  I am afraid my idea won’t work. Ones that I intrinsically know I can and should do. And I feel your pain. I feel your fear. So what are we going to do about it?

Well, how about we work together and get things done?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I have had a crazy day! It is now 11 minutes before I have to get this post in to still make it part of my personal 90 day challenge What if every project was you own last minute challenge? I know that when I do last minute projects, I get them done.

Today, I had a friend who owns Alter Ego Marketing Group and he asked what my next steps were in regard to my projects. The answer? No plans – just finish what I set out to do. THEN, look at my next steps. How many times are YOU unnecessarily paralyzed by the next steps?

Get whatever is one your mind today…DONE. Who cares. Test it, try it, ask for feedback. Worst case scenario, give refunds. But ask, test, and try.

Only once you have done something should you ask yourself if it was a good idea. NOT BEFORE. 

I hope this makes sense. I just want to tell you to stop those demons in your head and get started. NOW.

Joe Girard
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