SPIN, Selling, Joe Girard, QuestionsThe other day I posted about SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham and I had a lot of people ask me questions about it.  It was a rather long post at 3000 words but definitely worth the read.  I shot this 5 minute video to help explain it further and get you excited.  I will post the video in the original post as well as here to help you out.  If you take the time and apply these skills to your sales process or just in your interactions with others, your success will skyrocket and it actually makes the entire selling process much easier. Even you small business owners, you know you are always selling – this will help you out a ton!  I had some fun with this video too, so I look forward to your comments.

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Asking the best questions in your sales process will dramatically help you win more sales and get your customers excited.  I would recommend that you pick up the SPIN Selling book yourself and apply these techniques.  Selling is a process and when you learn how to test, evaluate, and improve each component of your selling process, you can achieve dramatic results.  Testing better and better questions are a great first step to creating the results you need.  So practice the SPIN Selling questions and reach out to me if you have questions.  I look forward to hearing how it works for you and your selling process.

If you want to download my free guide on asking the best sales questions, click here or on the image:Sales Questions, SPIN Selling, Joe Girard, Free

The next evolution I will be talking about is the Challenger Sale.  Stay tuned…

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