Resume and Interview tips, Joe GirardHave you ever wondered why your resume sucked? And the more you tweaked it, the harder it was.  Perhaps you had an “expert” help you prepare it for you?

Well, today I am here to tell you that almost everything you have ever heard about resumes and interviews is pretty much wrong. 

I get asked all the time for resume and interview tips. I worked as a career counselor for more than a decade and I have seen everything. So let me help you save some time…

Recently, I met with someone who was asking for help on their resume and personal branding. We took a look at the resume and honestly, it sucked. But the appalling thing was, it looked like all the other resumes. I shot a quick video of what I am talking about below.

What’s the problem with your resume and job search?

The problem with resumes and interviews is the EXACT same problem that salespeople face today.

They are making it all about themselves and what they have done. Features and benefits. And they keep getting the same advice on how to make their resumes stand out and get the job.  The same way salespeople are being continuously trained on old methodologies that no longer work. Nobody cares about features and benefits. they want INSIGHTS into their problems. And they want someone who can get things done.

Click to watch the video:

Does that make sense? Make it all about them and THEIR problems, not about you and your skills. Leave your comments below and let me know how this works for you! Do you have any resume and interview tips?

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