Sales Process, Sales Training, Joe Girard, EbookI am in the middle of some amazing new projects right now, especially on the sales training side.  I put together another free ebook for you to enjoy and I’m also testing to see how my Aweber lists integrate with each other.  Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the book or if you notice any glitches.  It has definitely been a fun learning curve.  

Over the past year, I have been researching and developing my sales process to incorporate the best of the material out there, combine it with my experience, and also test it in the real world.  More importantly, it is part of a larger, systemic approach to organizational management where sales does not operate in isolation.  How are your sales efforts interconnected with marketing, operations, service, finance, new product development, etc?  This ebook is a high level overview with specific questions you can ask yourself as well as a thorough sales process that will help you gain an edge.  Anyone can learn sales.

The main point here is that sales is a process. Not an art.

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Sales Process, Sales Training, Joe Girard

The Process follows some fundamentals such as asking the best questions, pre-call planning, and following the five buying decisions.  More importantly, it is about looking at your sales process through the right lens.

As you will learn, not only is process important, but so is the power of understanding variation in your process.  How well in control are you of all the nuances in your process?  As you know in sales, some months you are the hero…some months the goat.  If you can’t accurately explain how you either won or lost that last sale, you need to tighten up your process.  How well do you follow up?  Are you tracking it properly?

The cornerstone of the No Excuse sales process is the incorporation of “feedback loops” which ensures there are always mechanisms for process improvement.  Stay tuned for updates over the coming months and the launch of the sales training programs.  Here is the diagram covered in the ebook:

Sales process, Diagram, Sales Training, No Excuses, Joe Girard

As I mentioned, I am testing Aweber, so if you have difficulty accessing the ebook (perhaps if you are already on the list), then please email me at

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