BEst Voicemail, Joe Girard, Sales TipIf you hate leaving voicemails and what to say, this will open your eyes for sure!

This is a hilarious story…

Today is a quick post that will help you make the most of your contact strategies, especially voicemail. Make sure you listen to the podcast to hear it for yourself, but it’s all about how we can disrupt the patterns in the mind of our customers. Want more calls returned?

Pay attention to this one.

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Does anyone actually return voicemail?

I get asked this all the time, and it seems that these days, everyone is super busy. I know I don’t usually return voicemails myself…but…

If it’s something that’s interesting, I just MIGHT. What about you?

You bet everyone is busy these days and that it gets harder and harder to make contact, so we have to cut through the noise and stand out.

What network marketing taught me

I am not here to promote anything, but rather share that this best voicemail story came from my days in network marketing. And if you have never done MLM, you may be missing out on some awesome training. You have to push out of your comfort zone, work on personal development, and deal with rejection. All while staying positive. Fun stuff.

Anyways, we did that years ago and we built a decent team before I switched focus onto my on business.

The best voicemail ever

Okay, so here goes…

My girlfriend and I went over to the house of one of our new young team members to help him with his sales calls. He was nervous and wasn’t sure what to do. We walked him through the script and process.

I told him how simple it was. You simply say, “Hey this is Roy, I have something really exciting to talk to you about! Call me in the next hour and I will tell you.” then leave your phone number and that’s it. The key is to just be excited.

So he took about fifteen minutes to get ready and ten finally got the courage up to call.

He whispered, “it’s going to voicemail…” Great, here we go!

He then got all amped up and blurted out, “Hey, um, this is Roy…I have something exciting to tell you…call me right back…y number is…250…um..42…um..oh S**t, oh f**k…!!” and then he hung up.

We were dying laughing and he was mortified.

Why was this effective?

After we stopped laughing, I told poor Roy that it was probably the best voicemail ever because when the other person heard it, they would wonder what was so exciting that he forgot his own phone number!

This is all about disrupting patterns. 

Think about your day to day. you are bombarded by marketing and sales noise. If you heard a voicemail like that, would you not be curious? You bet you would.

If you are leaving messages, sending emails, or even speaking to people, ask yourself what you are doing to disrupt their patterns and stand out. Why would they care?

If you create a system where the things you say and do make people pay attention, you win!

Go back to the info on how the brain makes decisions and realize that it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. It’s how you connect to their emotions. And in every interaction, you should be adding VALUE.

It’s not that they’re not interested, it’s that you’re not interesting. Get interesting.

– Joe Girard

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How you can apply this to your process

Take a look at your own business and steps that you take each day. Think about how you can TEST everything. How can you build systems and repeatable best practices so you can win more consistently?

If you are leaving the standard, “Hey, it’s Joe and I’m calling to check in with you on whether you want to discuss further…blah blah blah…” you may be just doing some useless work.

  1. Take that voicemail as the control group.
  2. write out two or three other versions. 
    • A fun and exciting one like Roy with no information
    • A value added one with a powerful tip and a promise for more
    • An exciting offer and strong call to action
  3. Then make calls and test them out. Do ten of each and rotate
  4. Track how they perform over a few weeks and see which ones get faster or better calls returned

You don’t have to do this very long until you start to see which ones are the winners.

Now you have a plan.

Every time I am about to make a call or send an email, I ask myself if it is for ME or if it’s for THEM. Take a look at what you say to your potential customers and you will quickly see that it’s all about you. Stop that.

This should give you a good start today. Make sure you listen to the podcast – it’s a good one today

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