Busy, Overwhelmed, Joe GirardI bet you don’t need more “stuff” to do, right?

Switching it up today with a video!

Everywhere I look, I see people who are stressed, busy, and just trying to keep up with their days. It kinda makes me sad.

I have been having this conversation quite a bit with clients lately and wanted to share with you. Also, under the video, I have a link to an article I read about society today being flaky under the guise of being “busy”

Click here or below to watch the video:

Last week, I wrote about being more observant to find opportunities and also on being overwhelmed, so go check that post out too.

Yesterday, I read a great article as I mentioned about how flaky people these days are. They don’t show up for meetings, they say “maybe” to coming to our event, they postpone, don’t answer calls, etc. Essentially, they just avoid being accountable.

And what do most people use as an excuse? Being busy.

That’s what I’m talking about in today’s video. What are you really busy doing?

My big tip I talk about is that it used to be quite a bit simpler back in the day…

All you had to do was get up each day and not die. That’s it.

Since then, we have seemed to over complicate things, right? Watch the video and I hope it helps you strip away all the stuff you don’t need to do and to focus on what is most important.

What are you doing each day that perhaps you could stop doing? Can you find more time to build relationships and have more fun? an you simplify and get more done?

Of course you can!

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