Asking The Best Sales Questions: Template and Guide


Make sure you have a deep understanding of your customer before you jump into your pitch. In this guide, I will show you how to build your own questions, when to ask them, and how to create deep connections with your customers.


Let’s get started! Order the “Asking the Best Sales Questions: Template and Guide” and build a deeper understanding of your customer today.

  1. Learn the questioning process
    Follow a proven 5 step process for getting to the real information before you jump into your regular old sales pitch.
  2. Build a power list of questions to use
    Utilize the guideline to build questions for every scenario and know how to get your customers thinking differently about their problems.
  3. Discover some key psychology insights
    Find out how to leverage the science of influence and get inside the minds of your customers to better help them make decisions.
  4. Be more present in every customer interaction
    Focus your attention on listening and being curious to give yourself an edge over your competition.
  5. Make your sales conversations more effortless
    Take the pressure off thinking you have to close and instead learn how to better understand.
  6. Increase the deal size per customer
    By learning how to dig deeper and help your customers frame their problems more effectively, you will discover hidden opportunities.

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