Infographic, Brain Science, Joe GirardWant to get your point across?  Try using an infographic. I found an awesome interactive infographic about the cognitive neuroscience behind why our brains actually crave infographics, and was excited to share with you!  Especially all you marketers and designers out there.

As we struggle with more and more information overload, an infographic becomes an excellent way to help your audience by using colors and visuals.  Many years ago, I bought an awesome book called Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds about using more visuals in presentations – especially Powerpoint.

If you have a blog, a book, or a presentation, it may be time to start using infographics to be a more effective communicator.  Make that your new skill for this month.  If you aren’t designer-ly inclined, try getting one made on Fiverr in as fast as a day.

Images and visuals are the new currency of communication.


Click on the image below to see the interactive infographic in action.  Here are a few key points:

  1. On average users only read 28% of words per visit.
  2. Researchers found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%
  3. People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.
  4. Adding pictures of brain scans and mentioning cognitive neuroscience make people more inclined to believe what they are reading



Have any other fun infographics to share?  Post them in the comments below.  And remember to like and share!

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