So you chose to do nothing?

Okay, not to worry. It happened for one of three reasons…

  1. You accidentally clicked the button
  2. You were curious about the button
  3. You really DON’T want to take action on my awesome sales training

In any case, if you aren’t ready to spend a few bucks, I have a ton of resources on my site for you to check out for free. Subscribe to my blog, take the free 7 day mini course, or simply browse around.

One thing I ask that you think about while you do…

If what you’ve been currently doing hasn’t got you ahead, how will things change? I know the feeling of wanting to take positive steps forward, but I kept holding myself back.

You want my opinion?

Take the leap…go back to sign up for the Sales Hero Academy. Use it for a few weeks.

If, after that,¬†you don’t feel like continuing, get your refund. Simple.

Just do me a favor and try the first few exercises. If you got value from them, just pay for the first month and cancel your membership.

I’m just trying to help you here.

If you are ready, click the image below to go back…

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