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Joe GIrard, Sales Training, Coaching, Consulting, Sales TipsHelping YOU ignite that spark of possibility in yourself and your business is my goal.

I make sure we focus on activity and results, rather than just motivation. Once we get things done, it most likely will get you motivated!

I love empowering people to sell more, have fun, and win consistently. I combine a mix of sales expertise, education, and leadership development to enable more professionals to become what I call “Sales Heroes.” They’re the ones who are willing to do the hard work to serve those around them. I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to create systems, have a deeper understanding of how their customers make decisions, and build their bulletproof mindset to succeed.

I want to change how the world looks at selling and make it more effortless. I’ve decided it’s my mission to make selling an exciting process for both buyers and sellers alike.

I’m really quite lucky to be able to travel around the world – speaking, coaching, training, and consulting with organizations large and small. On my blog at and my Sales Hero Podcast I love to freely shares insights and resources to help my audiences achieve their goals. I’ve also made my high level sales training accessible through

You can also connect with me and my team at Change Grow Achieve Consulting or email me at

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A bit about me:

I grew up in Canada and I like to say I did all the things my Mom said to do. Went to school, got good grades, landed a great job and was a hard worker. I worked in the education industry for more than a decade and was a top sales performer for many years. I loved sales and read every book I could get my hands on. I moved into management and worked on executive teams, just like I was supposed to, right? I also continuously upgraded my education at high levels because that was what I thought I needed to break past barriers.

My amazing Mom, Dianne

Well for me, something just wasn’t right. No matter how much my career advanced and I earned accolades at work and in school, I felt unfulfilled. This is something I hear often from many of my friends and clients about their own experiences in their lives. This feeling of, “There has to be more.” It was only when I started to build my personal brand, my website, my blog, and my networks that I felt like I was doing something important.

I decided to turn my attention to starting my own consulting business because well…I’m smart and have always got things done. I thought that would allow me to spread my wings. Turns out, being smart and talented wasn’t enough either and a few of my businesses were not as successful as I imagined!

The major mental shift happened when I realized that the world is not about ME. It is about the VALUE I can offer others. I needed to spend more time developing personally rather than professionally. I went on a painful journey of self-discovery and looked at deep thoughts like my vulnerability, my enormous ego, and my relationships to realize that I was not being honest about myself.

Joe Girard, Speaking, training, sales
As you can see, I’m a hand talker

In this world of hyper-connectivity, we experience some of the worst amounts of loneliness and lack of deep personal identity. I have learned it is all about self-reflection, connecting with others, and having a “giver” mentality. When I started to develop success habits and learned to become more authentic, the world began to shift.

I also became a totally obsessed reader and I still can’t get enough knowledge. I love learning about behavior, sales, neuroscience, influence, personal growth, and anything to do with people. The trick was just being completely okay with my own ignorance and being open to new ideas!

Fast forward to my businesses today, and there is a MASSIVE difference in how I look at my role in the universe. I get to work with some of the most amazing people in their fields, massive organizations, and unbelievably cool people.

I am lucky to be able to help people I care about make transformational change and make an impact in fields like government, education, and sales.

Change Grow Achieve LogoThat was why I named my consulting company Change Grow Achieve. I believe that to achieve results, we need to embrace change and constantly grow.

I get to speak and train all over the world a and interact with organizations at the top of their game, from small start-ups to large billion-dollar multinationals.

I love the fact that I get to pick the kinds of projects that ignite me and the kinds of people who inspire me.

I have now surrounded myself with a team of experts that gives us all the opportunity to tackle any projects that excite us!

More importantly, I have amazing relationships with my girlfriend, my family, and of  course my dog Roxie. the work I have done personally has allowed me to grow and live a more fulfilling life with those I love.

My lovely ballerina girlfriend, Ursula and my awesome Dog, Roxie
My lovely ballerina girlfriend, Ursula and my awesome Dog, Roxie

I am truly blessed to have found that my true calling is helping people create freedom in their careers, business, and lives – all while getting things done.

When I help someone get unstuck…that’s just AWESOME.

That’s me. I continue to grow and develop in the hopes that I can pass as many lessons on to you to help you get more from your life. It is way more fun that way!

As for you:

If you want an edge in your business, need to give a boost to your sales team, or want to craft a long term strategy, contact me.

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Joe lives in  beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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