What the Sales Masters Do Differently

Sales Bootcamp: Lesson # 1 of 7

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  • Lesson 1 of 7

    What the Sales Masters Do Differently

  • Lesson 2 of 7

    Focus on Activity Rather Than Results

  • Lesson 3 of 7

    Selling in Stages and the Great Value Exchange

  • Lesson 4 of 7

    How the Brain Buys and the Non-Existence of Objections

  • Lesson 5 of 7

    Story Telling and Gaining Agreement Before Price

  • Lesson 6 of 7

    Your Personal Brand, Trust, and Credibility

  • Lesson 7 of 7

    Sales Flow is About Preparation, Goals, and Feedback Loops

Codie McQuay

" I didn't even have my business fully launched and I was terrified of making sales calls. I shifted my fear and got excited about reaching out to potential customers. If I didn't do this, I would have been just like all the other coaches out there struggling to find clients."

Codie McQuay, Immanence Coaching
Andy Murphy

"We constantly work on mindset with our clients and help them break through barriers, but when it comes to sales, Joe and his team absolutely CRUSH it helping people with a deep understanding of psychology, process and...well...mindset. If you haven't worked with them, you're missing out!"

Andy Murphy, Mindset by Design
Nicole Cuillierrier

"I've done 10x my revenue within one year by applying these tools and resources. More importantly, they've helped shift my mindset and stop worrying so much about money! It's made my business easier and more fun for sure."

Nicole Cuillierrier, Chaderbaks Marketing