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6 Week Group Coaching Offer: Private Access

Thanks for joining me on the webinar! Click the signup button below & join me for the next six weeks. Like I said, I normally charge between $2000 and $5000 per month, so this is a pretty wicked deal.

I haven't offered this before and don't know if I will again at this price, so let's have some fun!

Sign up Now $497

(This normally costs between $2000 to $5000 per month - that's 85% off)

Here is an idea of what we will be covering in the 6 weeks

  • Week 1: Goals/Strategy/Mindset

    In this first week, we will look at how to set yourself and your business up for success now and long term. I will show you why goal setting usually fails and how to take control of your results.

  • Week 2: Advanced Questioning Skills

    Learn how to ask powerful questions that actually do the selling for you and make you stand out from your competition. I will also show you a simple conversation strategy that works every time.

  • Week 3: Building Insights that Sell

    There is a way to present your information that is hypnotic and reduces resistance in the mind of your buyer. Learn how to craft a compelling message that will resonate even with those who weren’t thinking about your offer.

  • Week 4: Story Telling and Conceptual Agreement

    Get your buyer to emotionally connect with your offer by crafting a compelling story they are the hero in. Discover the four part story structure that will win you the deal before you give the price.

  • Week 5: Selling in Stages

    Map out the buying cycle and ensure that you are using the right tools for the right part of the process. Create repeatable steps so that you can win every time.

  • Week 6: Live Playbook Building

    At week 6, you will be able to build a toolkit and conversation playbook that you can use to keep your performance consistent. Map out your contact game plan that you can use for the coming months.

Still thinking about it?

I'm only going to take a select number of people as my pilot group. So space will be limited and the price most likely will go up. (What else would you spend $80 a week on to change your business?)