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BONUS: 30 minute video included that will explain exactly how to use the template.

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Let's get started! Order the "Sales Call Rubric: Advanced Sales Call Script Template and Evaluation Tool" and take your sales game to the next level!

BONUS: 30 minute video included explaining exactly how to use the tool. 

  • Follow a simple and proven process

    Learn how to technically move calls forward and quickly, and at the same time not have to “wing it.”

  • Make your sales conversations flow

    Make every sales call enjoyable, effortless, and natural while maintaining the right pace.

  • Create predictable results

    Know which levers to pull and when so that you can continuously get better conversions.

  • Observe, learn, and improve

    As it’s not just a script, but an evaluation tool, you will quickly be able to pinpoint areas to work on and eliminate the guesswork.

  • Be confident and in control on every call

    With a conversation game plan, you will be more prepared going into your calls and be better able to influence and ask for larger deals.

  • Stay authentic and not “salesy”

    Being natural while following a framework allows you to do your best work, help your customer, and create conversations that naturally convert without being forced.

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