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Insight Selling, Joe Girard, Sales

Insight Selling: Get Customers to Chase YOU

When you speak to your customers, are you known as a resource or a nuisance? I get questions often about selling to today's informed customer. Usually these are the excuses: "They just want the … [Click to Read More...]

Personal Mastery, Joe Girard, Organizational Growth

Personal Mastery: A Key to Organizational Growth

"Organizations learn only through individuals who learn.  Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning. But without it no organizational learning occurs."  I read that this … [Click to Read More...]

Activity vs Motivation, Isaac Jones, Joe Girard

Activity vs Motivation: Performance Chat with Dr. Isaac Jones

How do you prepare yourself for success? Do you need to get motivated first? Or do you just take action? I recently was interviewed by Dr. Isaac Jones, founder of Designer Health Centers.  We got into … [Click to Read More...]

multitasking, productivity, joe girard

Multitasking is a Myth: What to do Instead

If you're stressed or "too busy" it's probably because you multitask. Some people take great pride on the fact that they can do so many things at once.  What are you doing right now? Reading this … [Click to Read More...]

Decisions based on emotions, Sales Psychology, Joe Girard

Why we Make Decisions Based on Emotions (Part 1 of 4): Brain Evolution

We like to think we are in total control of our decisions.  That we're rational.  Well guess what?  We're not.  Humans are not logical creatures, and today I want to go through some of the … [Click to Read More...]

High Achievers, Joe Girard, Excellence

Why High Achievers Struggle With Excellence

Why do so many amazingly talented people not live up to their true potential? Why do high achievers struggle with their mindset and breaking through next level barriers? A few years ago, I read an … [Click to Read More...]

Set Intentions, NLP, Joe Girard

Get Into a Ready State: Set Intentions

Do you just go into meetings, conversations, or conflicts unprepared?  Why is it that some days seem so easy, and other so hard? Why do some sales seem fluid and some feel like you are being dragged … [Click to Read More...]


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